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Support LBSA

We welcome our community to volunteer at Long Beach School for Adults.  Please complete the application to be a volunteer!


As a VIP at LBSA here are some activities that would help our programs:

  • Individual tutoring in math HSD and HiSET

  • Individual tutoring in reading (HSD and HiSET) (reading aloud with former ABE students; textbook navigation; clarifying textbook questions and all essential vocabulary) in others words: help ABE students who promote to HSD that need one-on-one transitional support

  • Individual proofreading/editing of English assignments (HSD)

  • Occasional update of bulletin boards and light filing tasks (all programs)

  • Mock job interviews with ESL students

  • Reading tutoring with ESL students - pull-out, all levels

  • Assisting with ESL Conversation - during the class time, all classes

  • Literacy tutoring with Level 1 ESL Literacy (determined by CASAS) students

  • For intermediate and advanced students, EL Civics Writing tutoring

  • Grade EL Civics assessments

  • One-on-one support in the HiSET lab for students - all 5 test areas